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1st - Rajetongmun

  • ‘Rajetongmun', which is also called as 'Tongilmun' (Unification Gate), is a tunnel going through the rock wall while crossing between Sindu village in Dugil-ri and Yinam village in Socheon-ri, Seolcheon-myeon on the way from Seolcheon-myeon toward Mupung-myeon. The tunnel is located around 19kms away from Muju-eup to the north. And during the era of the Three Kingdoms in old days, 'Seolcheon' was a boundary between Silla and Baekjae and was used as both countries' military supply base, and played a role as an important gateway where the western and eastern cultures of the southern region of the Korean Peninsula were exchanged with each other.
  • Like this, during the period from the era of Three Kingdoms to Goryeo Dynasty, the regions had been divided into two parts, which have the totally different cultures and civilizations. So, if it is visited on Seolcheon Market days since the region has two different features, such as dialects and customs, etc., even in these days, anyone can distinguish the tow different kinds of villagers from Muju and Mupung only from their dialects.