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  • The District of Muju is divided by the Sobaek Mountains that stretch out from north to south. During the Era of Three Han, the east section was located in Byeonjin and the south section was part of Mahan. While in the Three Kingdoms period,
  • Mupoong located in the region formerly known as Byeonjin was incorporated into Silla and was renamed Musan-hyun, while Jugae region which had belonged to Mahan was incorporated into Baekje and was renamed Joekcheon-hyun. Afterwards in the Unified Silla period,
  • Musan and Joekcheon were renamed as Mupoong and Dancheon, but with the establishment of Goryeo, Dancheon was later changed to its former name, Jugae.
  • Hereafter, in the Joseon period, when the administrative districts were reformed during the 14th year of King Taejong’s reign, Silla’s Mupoong and Baekje’s Jugae was unified into one administrative district and was named by taking the first syllables to make the current name, Muju.
Era of Three Han
Era of Three Han Jugae was part of Mahan while Mupoong was located in Byeonjin
Three Kingdoms period During the reign of Silla’s King Jobun (year 231), Mupoong was renamed Musan. During the reign of Baekje’s King Geunchogo (year 346), Jugae was renamed Joekcheon.
Unified Silla period During the 16th year of King Gyeongdeok’s reign, Musan-hyun and Joekcheon-hyun were renamed Mupoong-hyun and Dancheon-hyun.
Goryeo period During the 23rd year of King Taejo’s reign (year 940), Dancheon-hyun was renamed Jugae-hyun.
Joseon period During the 14th year of King Taejong’s reign (year 1414), Jugae was unified with Mupoong, and renamed Muju-hyun

During the 15th year of King Hyunjong’s reign (year 1674), the status of Muju-hyun was elevated to one of the regional military commands and Ansung-hyun which used to be a district of Geumsan (Mt. Geum) was incorporated into the region.

During the 32nd year of King Gojong’s reign (year 1895), the magistrate system was abolished and Muju-hyun was re-titled Muju-gun.
Great Han Empire
(present age)
In 1914, Bunam-myeon of Geumsan (Mt. Geum) was incorporated into Muju