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  • Welcome to the website of the Muju Tourism Conference!
  • As the home of the firefly, an environmental indicator insect and natural monument no. 322 (firefly and its habitat), Muju boasts a clean and a beautiful natural environment including Mt. Deogyusan, Mt. Jeoksangsan, and the 22 famous spots in Gucheondong.
  • Based on such beautiful environment, Muju started to host the Muju Firefly Festival since 1997. The festival was selected as the best government-designated festival and the most want-to-go festival among the Netizens, establishing itself as one of the representative environmental festival in Korea.
  • In addition, the dream Mecca of Taekwondo, Taekwondo Park is under construction with the expected completion by 2013. Six sports parks which are equipped with natural and artificial fields provide vitality to sports lovers from around the nation every weekend.
  • For those who remember Muju Gucheondong with clear water, clean air and beautiful scenery, we recommend you to experience new attractiveness of Muju-gun, who dreams to become an international resort city.
  • We, Muju Tourism Conference, will work together with you on the journey. We will provide help with our unique tourism certification service for your pleasant tour. Muju, which is visited by 10 million tourists, will do its best to reinvent itself as an international resort city and to be adored by tourists.
  • We welcome you to Muju where your eyes and minds are happy and you can become healthier.
  • Muju is a place where you want to come, stay and live.
  • Gap-sang Maeng Chairman of Muju Tourism Conference